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Episode #1 Cody Brooks: The 30 year-old Dude that Plays with Dolls

Please join me for mini.Futures‘ first podcast as I interview the amazing Cody Brooks, creator of @Stovallthedoll and owner of PrintedByStovall

Cody is a self-proclaimed “30 year-old dude that plays with dolls”. He has been collecting Mattel’s infamous Ken doll for 12 years. As the doll community grew on Instagram, Cody decided to start sharing the daily life of his favorite doll, Stovall. In addition to building a fan base of over 12,000 followers, he has combined and shared his design and technical skill with 3D printing to the one-sixth doll world. 1/6 scale visual storytelling at its best! Check out his meticulously designed interiors, Stovall’s wardrobe, and the really impressive array of PrintedByStovall’s 3D artwork! Also, check out his Etsy Store!

Recorded on February 27, 2021: (audio only)

Episode #2 Troy Bettridge: Tulsa’s Miniature Collector

Recorded on March 16, 2021:
(audio only)

Join me for the first installment of my mini-Collectors’ Series and Troy Bettridge is a miniature collector I really admire! Troy was raised in rural Nevada and now resides in Oklahoma. He is an architect, husband, father, writer, blogger, and a devoted miniaturist. Check out his substantial miniature collection that spans decades from the early 20th-century to the present via @Tulsatinystuff and his writings and musings on his blog at! What a miniature collection! Troy’s collection is so prolific that he can celebrate almost any “National Day of….” with representation from his collection!

Episode #3 Christopher Robin Nordström: @TokyoBuild

Recorded on March 13, 2021
(audio only)

His birthplace and where he is currently based, is the southern island of Stockholm, Sweden, called Södermalm; product designer, Christopher Robin Nordström creates scratch-built 1:20 scale replicas of Tokyo buildings that are realistic and awe-inspiring. He’s perfected that patina technique and creates a level of reality that captures the beauty and grit of urban spaces. He’s been in many exhibitions and is also featured in the recent (and great) miniature book, Small Scale, Big World: The Culture of Mini Crafts published by Gingko Press. Check out his unbelievable work on Instagram: @TokyoBuild

Episode #4 Markus Oechelhaeuser/@markus_o_mod/@markus_o_cologne

Markus Oechelhaeuser (@Markus_o_mod, short for Markus Oechelhaeuser Models), is an engineer, miniaturist and photographer living and working in Cologne, Germany. Having studied architecture helps him balance two artistic worlds successfully: creating exquisite scale models of the Cologne (and surrounds) urbanscape.

Recorded on March 13, 2021 (audio only)

Episode #5 Tamara Yurovsky: “The Renovation Story of a Mini San Francisco Rowhouse” @rowhouse1993

San Francisco-based architectural lighting designer, Tamara Yurovsky @toma_katsu is building a beautifully detailed and intricately designed rowhouse inspired by “House No.1993″ on a street in San Francisco.” Join me in getting to know her and how the vibrant city of San Francisco and urban living inspires her miniature creation @rowhouse1993.

Recorded on March 20, 2021: (audio only)

Episode #6 Vanina Vergoz:
March 20, 2021

Based in Sydney, Australia, med school student and miniaturist, Vanina Vergoz finds inspiration from the natural world, anatomy and the creepy and otherworldly stuff. She has built a wonderful Instagram miniature space dedicated to inspiring others to create using any media, just that it has to be small. The regular creative challenges are there to give a framework for creation to everyone. Vanina has one of the most unique array (and wonderful!) of miniatures that I’ve enjoyed viewing on Instagram.

Recorded on March 20, 2021: (audio only)

Episode # 7: Roxanne Brathwaite: “The Creatively Cultured Suite Life” @suitecitywoman
March 27, 2021

Recorded on March 27, 2021: (audio only)

As a child, Toronto-native maker, Roxanne Brathwaite @suitecitywoman, loved to play with her dollhouse. More specifically with what adorned its interior—Roxanne threw out the dolls and played with the furniture. That fascination with furnishings continued into adulthood. Over the years she apprenticed with master upholsterers and eventually started the company Hollis Newton where she re-imagines antique and vintage furniture into bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces. When the first Covid lockdown forced her to shut down production, she began looking for a new creative pastime. Miniatures became the perfect fit.

Roxanne is my favorite miniature interior designer/artist on Instagram, and after exploring her website, my love of her work and spirit is confirmed. She coined LeCaShe (pronounced Le-Ca-shay), an acronym she created which stands for Local economy, Craftspeople and artist, and Second-hand economy. She is a miniaturist, furniture designer/renovator and photographer. Her miniatures hold narrative, representation and local community engagement. She creates with a purpose and I love it! Check out her amazing art via @suitecitywoman and on Facebook

Episode # 8: Corie Baker / Sugarbirdhollow

Recorded on Match 27, 2021: (audio only)

Oregon-based miniaturist, Corie Baker, @sugarbirdhollow is a self-described “unrepentant history, mythology, and folklore nerd” who has never met an animal that didn’t charm her. Her creations are charming and distinctive and “full of tiny histories, fortean mysteries, dusty corners, forgotten objects and strange incidents.” An exquisite and magical (and spooky) miniature collection and journey.

Episode # 9: Tamar Cohen /miniatureit
April 3, 2021

Recorded on April 3, 2021: (audio only)

Montreal-based, Tamar Cohen, has always loved miniatures and only dreamed of making them, feeling that it would be too complicated until her sister sent her a 1:144 miniature kit! Tamar’s dollhouse and her miniatures have a beautiful Mediterranean/Middle Eastern style that exudes comfort, simplicity and represents a lot of culture and history. The designs are intricate and colorful. What she loves most about creating miniatures is that anything is possible! She can create something that exists only in her imagination, a mini world to escape to. Tamar feels blessed that she can raise her daughter surrounded by creations and magic. And her process is purely sustainable–found, recycled and repurposed material! Check out more of her exquisite miniature art on Instagram: @miniatureit

Episode # 10: Lauren Dodge/southerngothicdollhouse
April 4, 2021

Recorded on April 4, 2021: (audio only)

Lauren is a digital product designer, multimedia artist, oddities enthusiast and a newly minted miniaturist living in San Francisco. 

In university, she studied theater design and psychology – two fields in which she never worked directly, yet have been far more applicable to her professional and creative endeavors than she’d ever expect.

Like most of us, COVID-19 gave her a LOT more indoor time apart from friends and family. Looking for a fun distraction, she bought a dollhouse kit on a whim and a bunch of southern gothic books to keep her busy and the world and they creative output and community she has created has evoked a virtual space of learning, healing, revelations and of course, breathtaking art work and skill. Please check out her miniature art work on Instagram: @southerngothicdollhouse


Episode # 11: Stephan Löppmann/bavarian_brushnerd
April 10, 2021

Stephan, lives in beautiful Bavaria (southern Germany) He a police officer and total a 100% warhammer fanboy and a dedicated games workshop (GW) miniaturist. He a passionate Warhammer miniaturist. Besides painting very detailed and beautiful GW models, Stephan is also a passionate mushroom hunter, animal lover, vegetarian who tries to be vegan some day, musician, and enjoys every minute spent in the beautiful nature around his home. Check out his amazing collection of GW miniatures on Instagram @bavarian_brushnerd

Episode # 12: Mark Walston/miniaturerevolvingworld
April 14, 2021

Growing up with a keen interest in architecture, history, and crafting, Mark Walston’s early role models included a grandfather who was skilled in carpentry and many different teachers who encouraged his interests.  A favorite toy was a dollhouse built by his grandfather and given to his mother when she was a child.  By the time Mark was a teen, his father helped him build his first dollhouse which led to deeper interest and a second dollhouse. 
Mark has had a successful career as a props master, a perfect blend of creativity, crafting, construction, period style, interior design, and performing arts. When he became an uncle, Mark decided he wanted to build a dollhouse for each of his nieces. He hoped that it might encourage one of them to become an architect or to at least enjoy something that means so much to him. Once the goal was complete, miniatures were put on the back burner for several years. 

After moving into a new home that would provide the perfect work space, Mark had been working toward the goal of continuing on the dollhouse he started as a teen since the summer of 2020. Working on miniatures provides an opportunity for creativity and for reconnecting with a pastime he loves. Check out his progress and beautiful dollhouse unfolding on his Instagram @miniaturerevolvingworld

Episode # 13: Drew Butterfield/Fieldminiatures
April 24, 2021

Another amazing collector! Based in Australia, Andrew (Drew) is an antique dealer, interior designer and a lifelong collector of antiques and miniatures. Starting as early as he can recall he has had a lifelong fascination with miniatures but denied himself the pleasure of a dolls house for too long due to them being ‘for girls’. After focusing on his career and growing into a rather serious middle aged man, Andrew has taken up miniatures with gusto and is benefiting from that spark of joy, play and creativity that miniatures can bring. His taste, eye for antiques and love of miniatures really comes through, check out his Instagram page @Fieldminiatures

Drew has an Instagram account @misterbower that documents the full sized items he’s collected over the years. The antique store where he works is @antique_guild

Episode # 14: Stacey Lynn/VintageDollhouseShop/ “Helping Little Treasures Find New Loving Homes”
May 15, 2021

My third collecttor!! Owner and creative force behind @VintageDollhouseShop, Stacey Lynn’s obsession with dollhouse miniatures began when she was young and her dad started building me a dollhouse in his workshop and she started to gather items to furnish it.

But like many adult miniaturists, she grew up and moved on and didn’t think about miniatures for a very long time. And then one day at a yard sale, a small box of old furniture caught her attention. Stacey felt compelled save it to appreciate the little pieces. That sparked her collection and she trends towards vintage modern pieces more than Victorian or Early American, but appreciating how each piece can bring the creator’s world to life.

After a personal tragedy, she began practicing yoga also began to see that her passion for miniatures was even stronger when she sent a piece to a new home than when she acquired it. My purpose wasn’t about collecting. It was about saving these little pieces, some older than myself and getting them into good hands.

That’s why her shop exists, to find new loving homes for the smallest of treasures. Check her out on TikTok out and her collection and shop! VintageDollhouseShop

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